AM General Subsidiary Mobility Ventures LLC Names John Walsh as Vice President, Sales and Marketing

AM General’s wholly owned subsidiary, Mobility Ventures LLC, today announced that commercial vehicle executive, John Walsh, has joined the company as Vice President, Sales and Marketing. Walsh brings more than twenty years of experience in the specialty vehicle industry to Mobility Ventures and further strengthens the company’s executive team and its position as an innovative leader with the MV-1 – the only American-built vehicle specifically designed from the ground up to meet or exceed the needs of wheelchair passengers and the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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The Excitement is Building for the MV-1

The journey in life is never easy.It is like a road filled with pot holes, winding curves and up and down hills. We are always having to slow down, speed up, anticipate what might happen around the next turn while at the same time keeping our eyes on the road. It is not easy, that is why it is called life.

Business is the same way. You do your due diligence with your business plan, you try to anticipate all likely scenarios good and bad but sometimes life happens!

VPG had a vision, a vision to help those with mobility issues by finding a better solution of mobility transportation. One that they could drive or travel in comfort and dignity. No matter how noble or grand a vision may be, life happens!

As many of you know VPG ceased operations in May 2013. The loan they received from the DoE was defaulted. Intentions were noble, but maybe VPG was not knowledgeable enough to know how to put a “niche” vehicle into the marketplace. Nonetheless, this opened the door for AM General.
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MV-1 vs. Conversions


  1. MV-1- Prices can be 30% less than the conversions.
  2. MV-1- No conversions here. The MV-1 body sits on a fully boxed frame. Built straight from the production line to meet or exceed ADA requirements. No conversions necessary.
  3. MV-1- No complex equipment to worry about on the MV-1. Best warranty in the industry. Even the ramp has a 5 year 75000 mile warranty. Cost of ownership over the life of the MV-1 is a lot lower than the conversions.
  4.  MV-1 Georgia- Whichever region in Georgia, North, South, East or West, you will be treated the same way before, during and after the sale, with Dignity, Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism!
  5.  MV-1- One vehicle, 3 different models to choose from. No confusion on conversions and vehicle manufacturers here.

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AM General Announces Agreement Leading To Ownership And Control Of The Vehicle Production Group

AM General has announced it has reached an agreement with the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to purchase the DOE’s secured loan to The Vehicle Production Group (VPG). VPG is the Michigan-based company that originally developed and manufactured the acclaimed MV-1, the only American-built vehicle specifically designed from the ground up to meet or exceed the needs of wheelchair passengers and the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Previously, AM General acted solely as the vehicle assembler for VPG. Following this transaction, AM General will own and operate the MV-1 business.
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New Future in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Coming Soon to Georgia!

Everyone here at MV-1 Georgia is excited that we will be able to give the people of Georgia who need dependable, accessible mobility vehicles a choice! No longer will there be just one choice among multiple dealers of the same product, a product that at one time was the best alternative for accessible mobility. In the market of accessible mobility, there isn’t a silver bullet for everyone’s needs but now, there is a different choice. An accessible vehicle that is built with a purpose on a production line from the ground up giving consumers a choice of a dependable vehicle, with full warranty and no conversions. Just think, an OEM manufactured vehicle that is priced 30% less than the conversions and full warranties, the choices do not get any better than the MV-1!
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